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I did some cable connection speed test this afternoon. I noticed an icon on my desktop afterward and traced it to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard. There were a bunch of them in there all created about the same time. Will try to post a jpg, but have been have trouble with the quality of posted pictures. The icons are named:


One looks like a telephone connected to a pc and the other on like a green globe with a spear tip on it. Sorry about the description. What are these and can I get rid of them

When I posted this jpg it looks alright when it start loading but drops down to about half the size and is blurred as you can see.


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They're both part of Windows Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard as are the rest of the files in the image you posted. Why do you want to get rid of them?
There are a lot of duplicates in there that I thought weren't neccessary. What created so many at the same time?
They're really not duplicates, they're part of the ICW component I mentioned above. You'll find them on any PC with IE. If your worried about the desktop shortcut, just right click on it and select delete.
Howdy Deke

Don't know why there are dups of those icons but for your screenshot looking squished try this ...
internet options... click the advanced tab... scroll to the mutimedia section and uncheck
Enable Automatic Image Resizing

EDIT:...actually upon closer inspection I don't see any duplicate files just icons :)

Thanks Buck. Don't know if that got checked somehow as I have been posting pictures even earlier today. Working great now as you can see by the new jpg in my original posting . Still wonder why the duplicates have the same date and times.
Deke, they're not duplicates. Those files are all part of the IE Connection Wizard and are created when you install IE so the dates will all be the same.

Have you recently installed a new version of IE? If so, the files will have a creation date that corresponds to the date you installed the newer version of IE.
Howdy Deke

Take a real careful look... There are no duplicates

the file names are all different even though they share the same icons

I guess I shoud have made my concerns clearier. I was just concerned because they were all created at the same time.

Must have something to do with me now being on cable, as these are all new.
From the post below it looks like you just installed IE 6. If so, the dates should correspond with the date you installed IE 6.
Bryan-Sorry I missed the second part of your earlier post. What is weird is the IE6 install was part of my Road Runner install and I did that yesterday and the dates are all today. I did install Zone Alarm today, but I guess that couldn't account for the one day difference. Oh well I guess I know more now than when I started.
Sorry guys my old brain finally clicked in gear. I was not looking close enough, the time was 4:44AM which I took for PM and I knew I didn't download anything as I was watching the ballgame.

I did download all the Windows updates I had been holding off on for reasons of a slow dialup connection. One of the downloads was IE6 SP1 . Thanks for hanging in there with me until I put my thinking cap on correctly.

I don't know if this completely reinstalled IE6 or just the SP1 part.
It wouldn't have completely reinstalled IE 6. It just replaces any files that changed as part of SP1 and most likely, those files all dated the same date were changed and updated in SP1. Anyway, I'm glad to hear your ok now.
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