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This laptop was new April 2003. Was working well (with one excpetion having to do with the CD drive) until a couple days ago. Battery is fully charged and machine is usually run from AC.

Cursor started freezing requiring shutdown and restart from power button. That happened while online as well as offline.

Then restart from power button started to fail to restart the machine: button worked sometimes to restart the computer, did not work on others. Letting it sit awhile sometimes changed a "no restart" event into a "restart without trouble and as usual" event.

Now pressing the power button lights up system status indicators just below screen for a mini second, the hard drive starts to move (there's sound under the keyboard for as long as the lights are on), then the hard drive sound stops and all of the lights go out except what I think (I'm not sure) is the hibernation status light and the AC power light.

Pressing and holding the power button again shuts down the hibernation light and leaves the AC power light on. The screen during all of this is black.

I looked in the Service and Troubleshooting Guide. Startup problems discussed there suggest using the Access IBM button if the operating system does not start. Have tried that: does not work because the trouble shooting directions tell me to use the Access IBM button when the laptop starts and a prompt is displayed on the screen to interrupt start up, and then choose a utilities page for help. Can't do that: don't have anything on the screen.


I'm in West Chester, PA and nearly computer illiterate. I just use these machines to get my work done. I know little about how they work. Or don't work.

I do not have an XP disc for this laptop: the computer was a gift to me from my father, the original owner, and as far as I know, the machine was sent to him with the OS loaded by IBM prior to shipment. Even if I had an XP disc for it, I don't see how that would help: I do not know how to open the CD drive on the side of the machine to put in a CD without the risk of breaking the drawer since the light on the drive is not on unless the machine is working.

From what I've been told, this machine was state of the art when made and close to $1400 wholesale. More bells and whistles and other stuff than I will ever use.

From the invoice, this is an R40 Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHZ with Windows XP-Home loaded on it. If more information is needed from me to help, just ask. I'm illiterate in these matters but very good at taking instructions and following directions!

If the recommendation is that I'm going to have to take this thing someplace for major hardware service, any good suggestions in my area where someone competent will look at it, understand it, and not charge me four arms and three legs while failing to fix it?

With thanks!
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