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i thought profile picture was to be

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i thought profile picture was to be an actual pic of your self. i seen 2 people with different pictures in their profile. one was the ring from the lord of the rings. the other was a cartoon character
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Good point Buddha - good point :up:

I used to receive notification of all picture inputs, with the new VB upgrade, Mike hasn't hacked that in yet. Please feel free to report photo abuses directly to me and they will be removed accordingly.
You should be getting notifications now, Candy! :)
Great. Right in the nick of time. You might want to forward those to DreamBoat while I'm gone too ;)
Done and done. ;)

everyone not as good looking as that may be their problem ?

Hmm...I'm beginning to like Pennsylvania again after all ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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