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I need some advice about my computer since it's not working properly

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Hello there! I would like some advice about my PC. I've build it with my uncle around the year of 2018 and we didn't manage to buy great pieces for the PC when it comes to hardware (for example, we managed to buy some good pieces but other ones were not that good such as the video card). As a result, my computer's performance is not the greatest, but lately it's getting worse; In fact, i am not able to use the computer for more than 20 minutes, after that time it just crashes and turns off by itself. Same goes for apps and games i open, the PC barely runs games likes Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and others in the lowest quality possible, and when it runs i am able to play it for 5-10 minutes and then it crashes as well.

That being said, if anyone could help me in which hardware pieces i could change or if anyone knows what can i do so my computer get back to work properly, please let me know! My PC's info will be available in a image that i'm sending right now. Thank you!
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It may be a temperature problem, since it runs games for a while and then shuts down.

Go download Core Temp or similar utility : Core Temp and check the temperature of the CPU. If it is over 60 C while idle then there is a problem.

Check your CPU Fan and other fans that they are clogged with dust. Get a can of air and blow them clean.
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IMO, it always best to monitor temperature and voltage using the purpose designed software from the manufacturer. Go to the support page for your motherboard. Download and install both app center and system information viewer. SIV will show both temperatures and voltages.
Note the manufacture’s monitoring program is also an over clocking program. Do not change anything; just use the monitor part of the program.
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The GPU is 10+ years old & there is no PSU information provided which is must have info.
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(Removed post from spammer - sorry for any confusion)

Totally disagree. Any third-party driver "updaters" should be avoided like the plague, and drivers should be sourced directly from the original manufacturer.
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The ONLY place you get any driver is from either the system builder’s site OR the hardware manufacturer’s site. Using a third party driver program is just asking for a problem.
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I've been reading the replies and i'm gonna take a look at the fan and clean / fix my computer, and i know that the GPU is very old, so i'll try to get a new one as soon as possible. Thank you for your help, guys!
What about the PSU info, any chance you can post the brand and model name or number of it + tell us how old it is, weak, old or supplies that do not meet the minimum recommended power demand will overheat internally and there is no way for the average user to be able to get a PSUs internal temps.

You have revisited the forum since I post my reply #8 but chose not to provide the requested PSU information, entirely up to yourself but you mentioned replacing the present GPU asap, quickest way to kill your hardware is with a bad PSU and we are just trying to help you avoid such an episode.
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