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I need help choosing a new laptop!

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I am a student and I need to upgrade my laptop because it crashes often when using drawing software and other software like video editing. I need a laptop preferably less than 1000euro to be able to use drawing software like 'medibang', light Photoshop and video editing. If it 2 in 1 it would be preferable so i don`t have to carry a drawing tablet. I think I will be traveling around a lot in the future so I think a laptop would be the easiest option.

I found this laptop from a retailer from my country. I have some questions about this laptop because I couldn't find the info on the website

If in the future I need to upgrade the storage does it have extra space for HDD or SDD connections and how much would it cost on average?

Also if I can upgrade the Ram to 16gb and how much would it cost on average?

I wanted to use this laptop with a stylus so I can do digital art. Do you have a stylus compatible with the laptop? If so can you send me a link to it.

Can it handle photoshop and light video editing? Do I really need a dedicated graphics card if the laptop has Core-i7 and 8gb or 16gb if it is upgradable? Can I get away without having a dedicated graphics card?

Do you think this is the right choice for me?

Kind regards,
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Photoshop is no problem ... Premiere Video editing might be a little slow for 4K.
I'd prefer a bigger screen that gets you a number pad for drawings (I assume Cad/Cam)
And I'd opt for an illuminated display for a Laptop.
Can you order from HP ????
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Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it! It would take longer to ship, but yes I can order from HP. What do you recommend? however, I don`t think I need to edit 4K and I am not sure what Cad/Cam is?
Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing.
I'm still video editing with an old I3 processor, My C drive is a SSD and as far as additional memory I routinely work from the data in an USB external SSD and it doesn't seem to slow me down.
About the only change I see might be the RAM


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