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I love America

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I want to go back to 70s.
anyone else ?
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well, the 70's had awesome music but I always thought the 50's would have been a nice time to live in. Just because thats when my parents grew up. :)
Originally posted by Stoner:

(Damn I feel old. Oh well, could you please
get me couple excedrin....... and pull the comforter
over my feet)
LOL..I just put you in my mind, holding a guitar and singing this George Jones tune:

"I don't need your rockin' chair
Your geritol or your medicare
'Cause I still got neon in my veins
This gray hair don't mean a thing

I ain't ready for the junkyard yet
'Cause I still feel like a new Corvette
It may take a little longer but I'll get there
Well I don't need your rockin' chair"

Only as old as you feel! I may be getting up there in the eyes of some kids, but I still feel like i'm in my prime! And you are still in yours too! Its all about attitude Jack so get yer butt outta that rocking chair and dance like the fool that you are!

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1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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