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I love America

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I want to go back to 70s.
anyone else ?
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I miss the 50s...60s...even the 70s. We could have just skipped the 80s and 90s! ;)
:up: Marlene! I thought I was the only big band fan here...
What I really want is the 50s with today's technology ;)
Good point, Rmay...
Sorry, Marlene, but I never learned to jitterbug...perhaps a waltz?
I actually don't waltz very well either...but I can manage.

I'm just not much of a dancer...I just like to listen.
I like classical, Jazz, blues, swing, oldies, old country music (most of the new stuff is NOT country!),show tunes....almost anything but rap and hip-hop.
I don't believe our musical tastes are all that unusual, Jim...except with the younger generation.
I totally agree, Jim!
1 - 9 of 41 Posts
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