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I love America

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I want to go back to 70s.
anyone else ?
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Ah! The 70's!

-Mood rings


-6 Stanely Cups for Montreal

-Fanstatic hamburger joints that didn't have gold arches over them

-Tricky Dick

-No VCR's: movie played for months if they were popular

-Canadian "stubby" beer bottles

-Canadian beer "only" in Canada!

-Didn't have a computer but had a Harley

-carefree air travel

-invisible Canadian/American border

-liveable wages

-no rap

-8 tracks!

-no AIDS

-no "terrorism" driven police state

-no school kids knifing and gunning each other down

-no SUV's

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Hiya sleek! GTO's were hot but they couldn't keep up with the Hemi Darts! Nastiest street car ever made in USA. Not a pretty car but nothing could catch it:

Hemi Dart
The 70's was full of sex and a war torn society. The sexual revolution brought STDs to the society of now. What was so great about life back then?
Sex? Yes. War? Yes, but there has been sex and war in every decade (You haven't forgotten Iraq already, have you?). The Sexual Revolution didn't bring STD's to society; they were always there. One thing free and open sex did do was show people that they had to be careful; before the Sexual Revolution fear and ignorance and shame caused people to die horrible, needless deaths and to have unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. AIDS was the big killer of "casual" sex, for a while at least.

There was a saying in the sixties: "Make love, not war." Well, it's forty years later and nothing has changed. People are f***ing and murdering just as much as back then. Don't blame the Seventies for how f***ed up the world is today. I lived the Seventies - I know.

The 70's....wouldn't want to repeat old mistakes
No, you're right Marlene. We're making all new ones! :rolleyes:
Marlene! I thought I was the only big band fan here...
Nope! Another Miller fan here: favourite tunes = Little Brown Jug, In the Mood and Moonlight Serenade.
Disco still sucks
Yes, you are right hammerbill, and it is alive and well today. Just listen to Britney Spears, Janet Jackson or any one of hundreds of pop tarts churning out syncopated, mindless drivel. Poor Buddy Holly must be spinning in his grave! :rolleyes:
Same here brush - two left feet. I leave dancing to the professionals. :rolleyes:

Do you happen to like classical music, perchance?
I like classical, Jazz, blues, swing, oldies, old country music (most of the new stuff is NOT country!),show tunes....almost anything but rap and hip-hop.
That is scarey! That is just about word for word how I would have described my musical tastes! :up:
Correction Brush, our tastes are perfectly fine, it's the younger generation that is unusual! :D
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