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I love America

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I want to go back to 70s.
anyone else ?
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I would like to have grown up in the 40's.....I love the clothes and hair styles back then and the big band music! "In the Mood" being one of my favorites! Love that Glen Miller!! :) The 70's....wouldn't want to repeat old mistakes! :D Take care! angel :)
Brush: I love the big band era!! :) I played the clarinet and that was the music I enjoyed playing the most! Just got hooked on it at an early age! :) Take care! angel :)
You're probably right about that Jim! :D

I also like the Andrew Sisters! :)
Brush: I'll jitterbug with long as you aren't in drag!!! :D
Ok if you insist! :D
Jim: I love "Water Music"! :) I first heard it when Tricia Nixon got married in the Rose Garden at the White House...loved it ever since! :)
Hey you guys are soul mates! :D
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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