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I have just spent the last day and a half getting to the bottom of thios herss virus. Here is what I have


1. It ONLY activates when I click on a drive other than my C Drive. It did it on my E Drive which is an extension of

my C Drive it also Activated on my D Driove which is a drive in my computer case AND it activated on an EXTERNAL

drive..... what do I mean activated? I observed in my startup folder in msconfig that ONLY ..... and this is from

about 10 different installs of windows..... AFTER I clicked on my E Drive or my D Drive or my G Drive that herss.exe

shows up in the startup folder...... never when I click on my C Drive though.

Here's something interesting though..... when I right click on my D or E or G drives and click EXPLORE..... not sure

why.... but when I click on exlore drive it doesn't activate the herss.exe virus.

If I forget and click on a drive INSTEAD of exploring it and getting to my folders I have the virus AGAIN.

here's something else I noticed....notice in the screen shot it says "Run The Program using the program provided on

the device...... never used to see that.... SOMEHOW there MUST be a hidden .dll or program on my E or D or G drive

that is hiding this VIRUS and not sure why but it only activates upon clicking on the drive.....

how can I discover WHERE this program is..... the folders don't SAY there is anything hidden..... is it

I have FORMATTED my C drive my E Drive and my D Drive..... and STILL this thing is on there.....

is there a place in the registry that stores programs like this to acitvate at a certain time or a certain activity

that causes it to activate and I can delete it from there?

I have tried anti virus software....NO LUCK.....

SOMEHOW there is a program SOMWHERE that I need to delete .... how and where is the question...

for now I can work around this problem but one wrong click and I have herss.exe eatting up all my resources.... it

runs the CPU at 100% and causes most tasks to run slower and my keyboard to run slow....

If I am right in guessing.....if I can discover where they hid this program and delete it from there I will be good

to go...

I have win XP, SP2, have had the same copy of XP for like 7 years and never had this problem before.

please help..... and thanks in advance....

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