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I deleted my graphics card by mistake.

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Yeah, I know that you must be really dumb to delete the graphics card.

So, I have a GeForce GT 640 and the basic graphics card which is an Intel. Yesterday I moved the pc to a friends house and used one of his screens. I tried to run a game and it was really slow, so I checked, and the PC was using the Intel graphics card.

Aaaand long story short, I accidentaly deleted either the drivers or the whole card from the pc, it turned off and now everytime i boot it, my screen won't open.

I looked it up and most people told me that, if I have an on-board graphics card, I can use that to format the pc.
But I don't know how to do that. Can anybody help?
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From what you have written I assume that you do not have a lot of technical experience or knowledge.

Therefore, what we need to do is try to understand what you have done and attempt to undo it. To facilitate that we need to be referring to the same things in a technical-language that both of us can understand.

Firstly, you cannot "delete" the graphics card, unless you removed it from the machine and beat it up with a hammer - which I assume you didn't do....:).... Therefore what I am understanding that you have done is that you have deleted the "Drivers" for the graphics card. With your limited technical knowledge I am having difficulty in understanding how a non-technical person would have achieved that.

If that is the case then all you need do is reinstall the Drivers. You should have those either on a CD or they should be in the Windows Drivers Folder or you can download them from the manufacturers website.

Why would you want to "Format" the PC....??? If you do that then you absolutely will not be able to do anything on that machine until you have reinstalled Windows. And with your limited technical knowledge reinstalling Windows might be quite difficult.

Perhaps the best way forward is if you tried to explain what you did in a manner that is easier to understand. Think carefully about exactly what you did and then try to relate that step-by-step. That way I will also be able to understand the sequence of events.

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You are right, I wasn't very clear. If I weren't poorly educated on the subject I wouldn't be asking for help in forums.

Then again, I use my Windows in Greek, and the button read "Delete" in my language. I assume that i deleted the drivers from Intel, but the thing is that every time i boot the pc, the screen won't work. The computer works fine, except it doesn't show anything in the screen.

I wanted to delete everything from the pc anyway, long before that happened. But this gives me a chance to fix everything and get a fresh start out of it.

Don't worry about the format, I can do it and I've done it in the past.

How to I get signal from the pc to my screen and why isn't any of my graphic cards working?
That's the right question. How do I fix this?

Some told me to try resolving it by opening the case and removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard for approx. 1 minute and reinstall it and turn it on again.
There should be 2 places you can connect the graphics cable on the back of the PC, move it to the other one and see if you get a screen display then.
If you connect to the onboard chip, you should see at the very least the screen that tells you what keys to press to enter BIOS and what keys to press for boot order.

(Once I installed a graphics card but I connected the monitor to the wrong port. it took me a day to figure how why I wasn't getting a display.)
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