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I can't decide

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Im stuck on 3 graphics cards. I'm not going over 200 bucks (not including shipping). So I have a few questions.

1. I heard GDDR3 memory is unstable?
2. Is it important that the card has open GL 2.0?
3. Is it important that the card has the shader model 3 of direct x?

The ATI X700 pro is what Im leaning toward, but I have an intel chipset and processor, will I have compatability issues? I've heard multiple people say that ATI goes with AMD and Nvidea goes with Intel.

Thank you for your input.
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Im not sure bout that AMD goes best with ATI and otherway around, but i may be wrong.

Like ive said before, id read alot of horror stories of XFX cards and their support, more then any other at least.
A 6600GT would be avery good choice as it solidly stands up and sometimes outperforms the Radeon 9800 which the others can't do. But make sure its not an XFX card, they're not the most reliable.

As for chipsets, it really doesn't matter as long as you have the latest Chipset/AGP drivers installed.
Yeah, a 6600 gt would be nice, but keep away from XFX. They aren't well built and have crappy support.

Some people say they are great but........?? If you get the XFX, buy neweggs warranty. You won't be sorry.
Alright I'll stay away from XFX, lol you convinced me. Lets see if I can find another 6600gt for a good price.
OK how about this one, chaintech is good right? lol
Man but I really want that ATI...
Oh crap, this talk about XFX being bad is getting to me, It was all I could find with an AGP connection on Tigerdirect, now I'm just plain worried... Hope it works well >.<
Try newegg, see what choices you get there.
Im from canada, they don't ship to canada. and anyway I've already ordered and they've been shipped
It can't turn out that bad, its just tech support

heh :rolleyes:
Yeah, can always use TSG for tech support eh? :p
lol yea unless the card gets fried or something... not much we can do about that
For Canadian sites try:

And then there's always and
What about the rumor I heard that GDDR3 is unstable?
Did the guy just not know what he was talking about?
Well considering its widespread use on high-end cards I don't thinks thats really true.
You've got a point. Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll be posting later with more quesitons.
lol see I am back

I think I've decided on this:

I just need to know about the brand. good or bad?
Yeah MSI makes good quality stuff so it should be a good card.
Ok thanks I'll order it then.
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