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I am also having problems with Everquest

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I am having problems with the game Everquest but it seems that I have narrowed down the problem to the fact that I can't load any dlls.. well everything on my system works fine but lately on Everquest I try to open it and it says "Fail to load eqgrfx_dx8.dll" and I know it isn't a damaged dll because I have tested it with other resources... See whenever I double click on any dll nothing happens it doesn't even come up with the "With what program would you like this to be displayed" thing.. So need help with this..
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Have you tried reinstalling the game, video drivers, and directx
I had the same prob. went to and printed out instructions. You need to download DX 8.1 and update all video cards and drivers. My problem now is locating the most recent drivers for my video card, I have no idea what video card I am using or locate it.

I also had the same "Fail to load eqgrfx_dx8.dll" error initially on loading Shadows of Luclin. I have a GeForce3 card and I reloaded my drivers for this card as well as the sound card. I have Direct X8.1 loaded. But I'm still having a problem- when trying to execute the game I come up with an error: "The D3D8THK.DLL file is linked to missing export GD132.DLL: DdEntry1". The DLL's are located in my system folder. I don't know if they also need to be in the Everquest folder or in the system32 folder. I've sent an e-mail to the eqtech site with the files they requested. If I get an answer on what the problem may be I'll post it.
I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I was able to solve my post installation dll error message problems as follows:

1. Deinstall all loaded Everquest Programs and Versions using the Add/Remove Program function in the control panel.
2. After the Programs are uninstalled, use the Windows Explorer to locate the Everquest folder (it should be in the Windows/Program Files directory, unless you have deliberately installed it elsewhere)
3. Delete the Everquest folder (and thus everything remaining in it).
4. Re-install the original Everquest program. Do not install the Direct X.
5. Re-install the Shadows of Luclin upgrade directly (i.e. it is not necessary to re-install either Kunark or Velios upgrades). Make sure to check that you want the Direct X 8.0 installed.
6. Connect to the internet.
7. Execute the Everquest icon on your desktop (don't use the "Test Everquest" icon). The program will then begin checking all your files and begin downloading the necessary patches (including the eqgrfx_dx8.dll file).

All of the above assumes you already have a compatable graphics and sound card and the drivers loaded. Good luck. AW
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FOR ALL OF YOU HAVING DOWNLOAD PROBS W/EQ go to the eq site and look around in the forums there for a download to solve to probs of missing files. When the patch window comes up is will say there is and est time of 45 hours remaining!!!!! IGNORE THIS!!!! you ll only have to wait about 30 min and then cancel the download the missing file you need will be downloaded first and will stay in the EQ dir.

OK NOW the prob i have with EQ is after the download i click on PLAY and it freezes up. I am confused by this cause the on board video is glide compliant and the tutorial works fine. Do i need to buy a video card or what? PS i dont have Luclin expansion.
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