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Hope this is the right place for an HTML question,
i'm just putting together a sketchy set of picture files, with html
mapping to move on to related parts of the diagrams.

There is a delay on the ALT showing, which i think is called 'Tooltip'
this delay can be annoying when i am going through looking for stuff,
how can i reduce or get rid of this delay please ?

I think it might be a setting on my PC, not in the mapping stuff.

Any help much appreciated, John :)

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Hi Knight,

Thanks for that, but it made no difference.
Could be that i don't know where to put it, i tried it in the mapping,
and before the mapping, and after the mapping.

I also tried it with the same apostrophes as the rest ... '0' and "0"

Or it could be that its already at minimum, but i don't think it is.

Maybe its a command for the browser and should go in the browser.
I dunno.

The cursor changes to a little hand straight-away, thats fine.
Then i have to wait for a short interval for the legend(?) to appear.
Its not very long, a few seconds, but it is annoying when i'm looking
for something, especially if theres a lot to go through.

I just thought ... i could try making it 50 or so, then if it gets a
longer period, i will know i'm doing it right, then i could put it at
zero .... be back soon ...

John :)

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By all means ....

This is for personal use only and is a skeleton with no extras,
it is only used on my own PC.


Small Wiring Guide


its pretty minimal, but as it stands it works ok.

John :)

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I have tried inserting the TTDELAY="0" in various places.
Even with 50000 in it, cos its milliseconds

Doesnt seem to have any effect.

John :)

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I copied and pasted that line into various places.
It gave me the words - text fragment - but did nothing else.

I am clearly missing something here, but i cannot see what.

John :)

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text fragment


Ive tried this line in every position i can think of.
beginning, places in the middle, end.
just before the MAP tag, just after the MAP tag.

I have split it into two parts, cos it looks like it might be meant
to be used in two parts: ...

Ive tried these two bits in various places, throughout my little bit
of HTML.

I can't get any sense out of it at all.

I found this page:

Its supposed to tell the reader about 'Tooltips'

Well, i couldn't make much sense of most of it,
but i understood some of this bit:

Defining tooltips

The tooltip attribute is used to define a tool tip that is associated
with an element, the same way title attribute does. Needless to say
that title attribute should not be used when tooltip attribute is present.
If there is a need to attach a tool tip to a text fragment, such fragment
can be put within a element that would have the tooltip attribute:

I will just read that again .....
"Needless to say that title attribute should not be used
when tooltip attribute is present."

Well the person who wrote that
may have considered it was NEEDLESS to say,
but i consider it ESSENTIAL to point this out.

Being as i have used the HTML title function,
APPARENTLY i should not have done....
I will try it again, after having REMOVED the title and /title bits.

Saving those few seconds is more important to me than having a title.
Especially as there may be hundreds of tooltip notations in any given

I will try it now, but i really don't expect any sensible or realistic
This whole episode of formalising my diagrams is turning into a very
involved task.

Be back soon,

John :)

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It made no difference to the tooltip
whether the html title was used, or not.

NEEDLESS to say, the writer of that piece must have
meant something else.

I did not think it would matter,
i can see no co-relation between the title and the tooltip.

Hopefully someone can set me right on this.

John :) :)

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Well, usually when I want something to show up right away like I am assuming you do, I use this:

You can change the delay, and you can even show full descriptions and pictures in the roll over. You can also change the appearance of fonts, colors, positioning, etc.

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for that extra tooltip program, "wz_tooltip.js 3.44"
I have downloaded it, it looks very interesting, and i will probably
include it in some form with the details that will go with my diagrams.
It may not be possible to include it with the floppies that i
originally intended to accompany my diagrams, but it would certainly
fit onto any CDs that i make to go with my diagrams.

It depend how much extra stuff has to be included .... i have very
little spare room on some of my floppies.
I have even rendered some of the images into B&W-greyscale, as well as
making them as small as i can in an attempt to fit them all on 1.4Mb

Whether or not this program will enable me to reduce, or even remove
the un-wanted interval before tooltip text appears - I do not know.

My guess is that this interval cannot be reduced or removed.

Cheers, John :)

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Hi 'namenotfound',

why are you using ALT for a tooltip anyway? It's only supposed
to be used as a fallback for if an image fails to load.

I thought i was doing it right.
How would you write the text in a tooltip box ?

I am using it to advise the user what a left-click should produce.
If that is not its intended purpose, then is there another way ?

I hope there is another way, maybe one that responds straightaway.

Cheers, John :)

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Hi Eriksrocks,

Thank you for your reply.
The title attribute should be used for tooltips.
Not sure about that .... I'm using the TITLE ... /TITLE to put the
name of the relevant diagram, in most cases its also the filename
that i'm using. But not always the same, i find that spaces some
times cause problems, so often i omit the spaces in the filename,
but include them in the title because its neater.

I'm not sure if ttdelay actually works
I have no idea why you should doubt the information on many web pages
about 'TTDELAY', but in my experience you are quite correct, it does
not work for me anyway.

you could use JavaScript to create an instant, customizable tooltip.
Well i dunno, are you sure ?
Customisable yes, but instant ... ?
Its only about three, maybe four seconds, perhaps i shouldn't worry,
but its so annoying because i have to stop and wait on all those bits
that have a tooltip, till i find the one i want, this doesn't sound
like much of an annoyance, but it is. There could be many items over
a diagram, looking for a particular one can be such an aggravation
that i will often go to "View ... Source" and scan through the html,
rather than looking through the tooltip texts.
It should be quick and easy to put the mouse pointer on half a dozen
spots one after the other, and see the one that i am looking for,
instead of pausing on each place.

If it can be made instant, that would be just what i want.
Have you actually tried it ?

Cheers, John :)
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