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HP Pavilion dv6z - 1100 wont boot up

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I have a HPPavilion dv6z - 1100 with windows vista. When I turn on the laptop it starts to come on. The caps lock and led above the page up blink together every 2 seconds the wireless and volume icons remain orange the power light is white and volume white nothing on the screen. It wont read the dvd drive or USB drive. Help
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HP Pavilion dv6z-1100 CTO(Custom-To-Order) Entertainment Notebook PC (support site)

Where To Purchase Recovery Disc Kit
Windows Vista Business SP1 32-bit
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit

SP2 for Windows Vista was released in April 2009, so that means that notebook was manufactured before that date.

When was the last time you turned on that notebook and it worked okay?

What did you do to that notebook before the startup issue occurred?

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I have gone through all of the trouble shooting steps and no change. It has been a couple years since this issue happened. I used it with no problem one day the turned it on the next day and it would not boot up. I have the recovery disc but the computer will not read the disc.
I have purchased a a product which is called Xtra-PC 2.0 it is 32 GB. I thought this would be my answer but again the PC will not read the USB drive.
You may have to go into the Bios to change the first boot device to Usb or CD/DVD before either will boot, by tapping the F10 key just after switching the laptop on.
Thank you. I have tried tapping the F10 key several times right after turning the laptop on and nothing different happens.
So try from the left ESC. F1 F2 F3 and so on, quickly before the Windows Logo appears. I have an HP laptop, and ESC and F2 works for me.
Ok I just tried each esc. Then shut down and restart trying each f1 thru f12. No luck. When I start the computer the fan comes on and you can hear the dvd drive for a couple seconds then it just sits there with the black screen and the fan running properly. That's it.
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