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My wife got a Windows XP update that installed IE7 on her computer.
Now she cannot open HP Director on her scanner software. She is using a Hewlett Packard 4570c scanner. The Director software normally opens to a menu that lets you select color, black and white, send as fax, save, etc. on her screen. She can still scan by pushing the scan button on the scanner itself, but the software will not open.
I have found links to this problem on other forums but they all tell me to "open" the HP program then go to HP software updates. My main question is how can I open something that wont open?
If anyone has a patch that I can download to solve this problem, I would appreciate hearing from you. You can e-mail me direct at healeybugatyahoodotcom if you prefer.
I have looked through all of Hewlett Packards customer support and the IE7 customer support and found nothing.
My wife's computer is a Compaq Presario 6000 running an AMD 1.2 gz. chip.
I'm sure that this is just a glitch in the IE7 software.
Thanks a heap for any help you can give.

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No, as I stated in my post, I am unable to open the HP Director program, there isn't evan an icon remaining to open it.

Thus I cannot open the program to request software updates. The workaround won't work either because I do not have the HP Director Icon to click on to begin the workaround.

I contacted HP customer support and they have promised to send me a CD with an entirel;y different software program on it. I could have downloaded it but I have dial up and no access to broadband and it would have taken me about 2 days to download the 244 MB file.

Thank you for your note.

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Roll back to IE6.
Go to Add/Remove .. check to "show updates" .. Remove the IE7 update .. and reboot.

OR .. You can use M$ Scanner n Camera wizard .. it still works.

OR ... HP director is still there .. you just can't see it.
The workaround is to minimize the invisible software and them
maximize it again. In doing so you get a repaint of the screen which
makes it reappear again. Though it looks a little strange when it
repaints - at least you can use it.
Now you may ask how do I minimize software which is invisible?
Well the answer is with keyboard shortcuts. (Specifically Alt-
Spacebar.) When HP Director loads its window has the focus. When
you press the Alt key it select the main menu for keyboard commands.
The spacebar opens the window menu (Same as clicking on the icon in
the upper left hand corner of the menu.) This menu actually appears on
the screen - just floating space. Select ‘minimize’ from the drop down
and the icon will show in the task bar. Right click the icon in the task
bar and select ‘maximize’ to get the HP Director window

And ... Welcome to the forum.
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