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How's Mozilla ?

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Does anyone have Mozilla as a browser ? Any opinions re. a comparison to IE 6 ?
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Mozilla is excellent--especially the latest iterations of it. The stand alone browser--think its called firebird or something rocks. Unfortunately I dont use it because a utility I use called Powermarks isn't supported. I could never use a browser that didn't support Powermarks.
I use Mozilla Firefox and its great. Its got a built-in pop-up blocker, download manager, better caching, and uses less resources. I do recommend any Mozilla browser.

Firefox has a few, very few, problems with some sites that are only designed for IE, Mozilla is a litter better. Firefox is in the beta stages but still very good.

I only use IE for Windows Update which only works with IE, go figure, right :)
I'm using FireFox right now, its great. I've also switched to Mozilla Thunderbird for my email.
I'll give it a try. Thanks for the responses.
I have Mozilla, Firebird, Firefox and Thunderbird. All good and all FREE.

I still end-up back using "Opera", though... Version 7.5 preview 3's out and it's good. One or two minor niggles, but the full version promises to be very, very good. Built-in e-mail client, too, as with Mozilla.

Basically, though, If you have the full Mozilla package, no point in having firefox(bird) and Thunderbird, coz Mozzy is a combination of the two, really.
Hi ! ........Also don't get rid off IE , useful when certain sites & certain grahics are some what difficult with 'Firefox' !
As well as Netscape 7.1 which iss essentially mozilla with a built in email program.
If you need to use IE for summat, get "SlimBrowser". It's the IE engine with tabs and loads of other good stuff, too. Works with Windoze update, too. Freebie!!!!!
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