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How to use an AC adapter??

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I have the Canon Powershot A85 and bought the exact Canon AC adapter it specified (ACK600). I have a couple of really stupid questions how to use it.
The AC adapter came in a Canon box but without instructions, just a sheet of warnings and precautions. It has two wires with different gizmos on each of the four ends. One wire has a prong end (to plug into the power outlet) and its other end has a thin black box. Then the other wire has something that looks like it would plug into the other side of the black box and an pointy-end that looks like it will plug into a small round hole in the camera. So I think I see how to connect it - yes? Do I connect to the power first, then connect the wires and black box to each other, then finally connect to the camera?

The other (stupid) question is - must I take the batteries out when using electric power? Or can I leave them in? How does the camera know not to use them?
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Yes, you are on the right track.
Put the pieces together like the puzzle it is :)

Once you have it all assembled you can plug and unplug it from the camera at will. There really isn't any special way to do it.

You can keep the batteries in. The camera will know when batteries aren't being used.
I think I'll be able to make it work now! Thanks! :)
You're welcome.

Good luck and have fun :up:
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