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How to transfer Disk C to Disk D

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I recently bought an SSD and want to replace my 1tb hard drive with it. I have another 2tb hard drive in my computer that I want to merge with the 1tb hard drive. The only problem I am having is that the 1tb hard drive is the one I set my computer up with and has windows, asus programs, and any other setup applications. I need help transferring the Disk C to Disk D.
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Hello and welcome to TSG!!

Your best be would be to clone your existing HDD to the new SSD. There are various free softwares that can perform this task. I've always used Macrium Reflect (free version), but if one oft he drives in question is a WD, they've got a version of Acronis available on their website for free.
The SSD is only 240 mb and the HDD is 1 tb so I wouldnt be able to clone everything over
I also dont want to delete all of the information off of the Disk D
How full is the 1TB drive?
That's not going to be easy. Can you eliminate about 90% of the content?
You are not going to fit 900gig on a 240gig drive; not happening.
You have two choices;
1 Purchase a larger ssd ie 1TB or larger
2 Clean install windows on the ssd. Install games and other large programs on the mech drive

If it were me, I would opt for the clean install of windows. On a fast system, it takes all of 10min to clean install windows. Another hour or so to install drivers, and whatever software you normally use. Done.
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