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How to setup email for US division when domain is in China?

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I'm hoping for some guidance on how to properly setup email for my team in the US with our company's domain being in China. From what I have tried thus far with Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook, we would need to "migrate" everyone to the new system. Our company currently uses for the domain provider. I am able to access email through Outlook using IMAP, however, it doesn't pull in a calendar. So if I add an appointment, it creates it in Outlook, but to the local computer only. I'm trying to figure out a solution where I can access both email and calendar across multiple devices. It would be great if I could also share files and team member calendars too, but not required. Any advice is much appreciated!
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Is the using Outlook servers? If so, then you should be able to Exhange or Microsoft 365.
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