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How to set home page on google Microsoft edge?

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Right so after trying everything and asking multiple sources im lost, below is what i keep getting told

Microsoft Edge

  • In Microsoft Edge , select Settings and more > Settings , and then scroll down to Set your homepage.
  • In the drop-down menu, select A specific page, enter the URL of the homepage you want, then select Save
But ive done this, im staring at it now and its telling me it all saved as my home page yet when ever i open its just a blank page with a search bar. How do i acctually set my home page? Is there any advantage of Edge, or should i just go with google chrome?
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That is correct

you are, I suspect not typing the correct URL

If you want Google

or if you are not in UK

after doing so, you close edge and reopen it.

If it still not saving then I suspect your AV in use is not Defender the included AV with 10 and whatever you are using is preventing the change of the Home page.
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Yeah im on Mcafee, i didn't even realize that could prevent it from happening.
Well have you checked if it is that
You would be far better using the included Defender
Your system would run better and indeed with less problems that you are likely to have with McAfee
Is it the free McAfee trial that came with the computer or have you paid for it
Its the full version, this is all new to me its the first pc ive owned in over 15 years, im complete at a loss. Im just checking through Mcafee now. I just assumed that the built in defender wouldnt compare to mcafee, nieve i know, but thats how it always use to be not really giving much thought to it, not to mention the amount of BS my friends have fed me lately. I kinda just let myself walk into it.
Defender is free and 100% compatible with windows 10 - 100% of the time
You have not actually answered my question
Is it the free version that came with the computer or a paid for version that you have bought ?
Either would be the FULL version

Defender is adequate and scores highly in all recent evaluations of AV apps
Oh sorry yeah i paid for the years subscription.
As a paid customer of McAfee I suggest you ask them how to enable change of home page on Edge
I suspect it is a McAfee setting
As I said you would have been better saving your money and using the included Defender
but I do not suppose you want to do that now, and lose the McAfee subscription cost
To be honest im not to fussed as my mcafee streches across several devices so i can always use it for something or someone else. As id imagine if mcafee can cause such problems over something so simple then theres probably other issues going to arise from it. So i think im going to give it ago.

Thanks for the advice its much appreciated
I cannot guarantee that McAfee is the cause of this problem
What I can assure you of is that windows 10 will run smoother and better with Defender
Especially in the case of Windows updates and various Store apps
I can also assure you that when a version update is issued for 10 from 1903 to whatever version the chance of it installing successfully with McAfee is far less than the success with Defender - which is assured compatibility

If you do decide to proceed uninstall McAfee from settings as here

SHUT DOWN on a full shutdown that is
Step 1: Open Start menu, select Power button.

Step 2: Press and hold the Shift key on keyboard, while clicking on Shut down, and then release the Shift key to perform a full shutdown.

Power on and run the McAfee uninstall as here

I know it says only to run it if the uninstall from windows was not successful but you should run it in any case as it removes left over fragments of McAfee

Another full shutdown.
power on and check that Defender is now turned on and running and then try the home page setting on Edge.

CAUTION - you must ensure you can reinstall if necessary or as you say use on another computer
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