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How to repurpose 20yr old pc

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I have an old PC that I purchase in 2002. It contains Pentium northwood 2. 4 gigahertz processor and 1GB DDR2 memory.

As I have a new PC in 2013, i'am left with the hardware from this old PC.

I searched online for the options that i have to repurpose it for some other use. One option seems useful of turning it into HTPC. However, i'm not quite sure it it will be able to run 1080p / 4k videos or not.

Is there something else i can use it for other than NAS / Server / Old gaming / CPU cycle sharing / donating / selling.

I dont want to sell it as this is the pc my grandfather bought for me.

Any help will be much appreciated.

(Please excuse me if the thread is not in the correct sub section of the forum.)
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It's not really useful for much, it's not good enough to run any modern version of Windows. You could install a basic version of Linux on it like Puppy Linux to play with. Definitely won;t play 4k videos, might play videos in 1080P though if it has a decent graphics card. But even some modern video formats may not work well on it as some need a powerful CPU for decoding. at I'd stick it on a shelf and leave it , I don't think it'll even sell.
Would you consider gutting the computer and just using the original case to build a new custom computer in the future? It may require some cutting and drilling of the rear panel and chassis to fit a new motherboard and PSU.

To expand on Rob's comments, if your computer was considered high-end hardware back in 2002 it may support a 1080P HD video output, but it would use a DVI connector for digital video. Your HDD may only have a 10 or 20 GB capacity which is not much for video storage in an HTPC. There is a possiblity it came with only a CD optical drive and not a DVD/CD combination optical drive. Computers for home use may not have had Ethernet ports as well.
Hmmm... (n)(n)

I think i should leave it(y)(y)

Thanks for your help..:):)
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