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How to remove an icon from ControlPanel in XP?

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Maybe somebody can give me a clue here: I bought a used external Zip drive 100. I installed the 'utility' cd that came with the Zip drive, and after trying out the software I decided I did not want it. So I uninstalled it - no problem.

The hassle is that this software was accessible from ControlPanel and now I have this extra icon in ControlPanel that won't do anything (remember I uninstalled the software). My question is, where does this icon get read from? How does ControlPanel know to add this icon?

And, how can I remove this icon from showing up in the future? I would really appreciate any help on this.

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Try a search for *.cpl files. All the control panel applets are .cpl files. With luck you'll recognize the name of the one you want to get rid of. I think you can just axe it, but put it in the recycle bin so you can get it back if removing causes problems.

Or you can get X-Teq from and do the Control Panel tweaks. CAUTION using X-Teq!
I found the file OK, but there is no delete option.
I have Real Player stuck there and have tried before to clear it.
Just live with it another while. Sorry for "buttin" in. ;)
You can always delete a *.cpl file.

As for your Real Player Control Panel applet, close Control Panel, and find and delete PrefsCpl.cpl in your Windows\System (or System32, in XP/NT/2000) directory.

I have never used a (Iomega?) Zip drive, but I'm sure you'll be able to find the pertaining *.cpl file the way cnm described.

Here's a list of common ones, so that you can at least rule those out:

BTW, you don't even need to delete them to see them disappear; just rename them from (for example) Appwiz.cpl to appwiz.bak

You need to do that with Control Panel closed. After renaming the file, open CP, and the icon you renamed will be gone.
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Thank you all for the help. Sho-nuff, I deleted the file mentioned - just took me a little time to find the critter.

Once I got rid of it, the icon was gone.


BTW: this is a GREAT site. I have learned quite a bit. Don't post much, but I have been reading. Thanks for such a great site...


Thanks a million Tony, I hope that is the last I see of Real Player.
Execution quickly carried out.
Sorry for not getting back earlier.You done a good job.:cool:
Thanks Tony, this is second post.See other. :D
You're welcome, boyoh53 :D

And z28quetzal, do you remember the name of the file you removed? I should come in handy for future reference.
Tony, you have me baffled. Can you give me an easier one?:(
Originally posted by boyoh53:
Tony, you have me baffled. Can you give me an easier one?:(
The question was actually directed to z28quetzal. About the name of that Iomega Control Panel file.
:D I'm with you now, I thought it I was to remember that code or name. I didn't realise that was a name. :eek: ;) :eek:
Thanks Tony, I did save the file actually. Renamed the thing...

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