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How to programme F1 F2 etc keys

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Can someone help me as I want to know if it's possible to save my email address in one of the F keys at the top of my keyboard, saving me from writing ity out every time as my email address is really long.

Any ideas???????????????????/
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F7, F9, F10 and F12 have no use in Windows,However some compaq models use F10 to access BIOS so we can eliminate it if this is the case for your computer

We can assign some tasks to these keys. You find out which program you are regularly visiting.
1. Locate the shortcut of that program. If it doesn’t have one create one.
2. Hold the mouse pointer on the shortcut and right click the mouse and select the properties from the resultant menu.
3. Select the shortcut tab.
4. In the window click the mouse pointer in the short cut, and press the function key to which you want to assign this program.
5. You will find the function key name in the box.
6. Click on apply and close the box.
Whenever you want to open this program you press this function key

If this dosn't work for you,you can always type your address into notepad and then copy and paste it when you need it.
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Sorry it's the best I could do,maybe someone else at TSG knows a trick for it and will jump in.
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