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how to maximize a transparent background of an image in Paint. Net?

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Hell tech guys ..

I have an image with transparent background, and I need to stick other transparent objects that have the same transparent backgrounds with it, the new objects seem to disappear outside the transparent background when of the first image which to appear that out of the transparency border,
so I need to expand the transparent background of the image,
anyone knows the technical steps of how to maximize the transparent frame?
how to do this in simple steps using the tools of paint . net ?
will be highly appreciated.
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you can resize the image
or use canvas size - that should resize

can you attach a sample or perhaps if the image is large onto a inage file share and post the link
dropbox, onedrive share
the image is a rectangular sized small pict, with narrow border,
However, I solved the problem by creating a new image of full screen size and transformed the background to be transparent, then copy / past the target image, by this done the job!
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