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I downloaded the new I.E.7 and didn't realize the google toolbar and search came with it. If it gave a choice, I didn't see it.

I have WIN XP and a DELL PC under a year old.

I've had this for a few weeks, didn't pay it much attention, but today tried to uninstall it. I didn't really want it, and seems like the yahoo toolbar it tries to install every chance it gets.
I've been on this all day, going in circles. The directions to uninstall say:
How do I uninstall the Toolbar?

The instructions below should help you remove the Google Toolbar:

1. Click on the "Settings" button located directly on your Google Toolbar. Please note that if you don't have a "Settings" button on your Toolbar, then you likely have an older version installed. Instead, please click on the Google logo button located to the left of your search box.
2. Choose "Help" and then "Uninstall."
3. Add comments about your experience with the Toolbar if you wish, then press the "Uninstall the Google Toolbar" button.

You can also uninstall the Toolbar through your Add/Remove Programs window. To do so, please click on the Windows "Start" menu in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Then select "Settings" > "Control Panel" > "Add or Remove Programs." Find "Google Toolbar for IE" and click the "Remove" button.
In ADD/REMOVE programs all I have is WINDOWS I.E. 7 (remove)

On the toolbar I can't find anything that says SETTINGS, and there's no google icon on the left side of the search box. I've clicked on everything I can find, right and left click.

one of their "help" pages gave the link to a forum, about google toolbar, but the problems seem to be how to install it and get it to work. I posted the question asking how to uninstall it, and so far no answer.

On one help page it said if you can't find the answer to contact them. I filled out the form, (couldn't say which version of toolbar I have because I can't find SETTINGS to click and get "help" on there to see. If I could I might find uninstall) Sent in the form asking and got an auto response saying to go ask on the help forums.

I'm not feeling too good about google right now, they had scheduled maintenence on Jan 9 and supposedly over the next day, but some of the google groups still don't work. People are asking about this on the help board and reporting it and no answers.

maybe sometimes getting big is TOO big and not always good.

Anyway, I'm frustrated by the toolbar thing and going in circles and right now I just want it GONE. I didn't want it in the first place and I man never even use google search again (I used to like Metacrawler before Google took over and became GOD)

If I run HiJack this and check to take out anything that sounds like it would that help? I'm guessing it wouldn't uninstall it, just keep it from starting?


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Hi Carrie, You don't have the separate Google Toolbar then,or you would see the word "Google" next to it (see my screenshot below)
and it has a whole lot of buttons on a separate line, one item would be a popup, I am pretty sure you only have the little search box that comes with IE 7.0, you have a list of choices which search engine to use as the default. I'm afraid you have to use one or another searcher in IE7, there does not seem to be any way to remove the thing.

But> you may be able to use Metacrawler yet!

If you click the little drop down arrow on the right side of the small white space next to the magnifying glass thing, you see in the list
"Find More Providers"

If you click that you go to >

You go to the URL of the search tool you do want, like Metacrawler, and do what it says for that to become one of the list.

Next: Click the drop down arrow again, and select "Change Search Defaults"

You then click on "Remove" for Google, and select Meta as your Default search engine...simple as that.

Note that you should have Metacrawler open in a New Tab or New Window when you do that.

If you cannot use Meta as the default one, you will have to use another from the list, or go find some More Providers....there are lots of them that are great.

Note: the picture down below here is the actual Google Toolbar which I dont think you have....the other thing is next to the RED X up by the Address line....


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Oh Thanks Byteman!

I was reading on Google groups HELP boards today and read about the google toolbar and thought I had it. Actually, I was more upset it had been given to me without me wanting it (LOL)

i was frustrated with google all day, because of the groups being down still (some of them) after their scheduled maintenence that was supposedly Jan 9. Some of the groups (maybe the ones from Usenet) still aren't working. And trying to get answers (others are writing about this, too)

But, tonight it all worked out. I'd been looking for a FREE newgroup server, that will open it in Outlook Express, I had this with Earthlink, then my current iSP till they stopped offering them. So, thanks to google groups (which carries them) i looked around and found a FREE newsgroups server that bring them into Outlook Express. I go on a lot of them to get info, like they have Photoshop and Plublisher (Microsoft has it's own (free) server for their groups, which google also carries). I missed going there and reading about the problems and questions others have with the programs I could learn from.

But, I feel better now, I got a newsgroup server like I wanted (and don't have to use google groups, which still aren't working- from Jan 9th) and don't have the REAL google toolbar put on without my wanting it.

So, it wasn't a totally wasted day :)
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