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How to get to services between routers

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I am a real estate agent. Regularly, I will plug my notebook into the network in my office. Many other agents do the same, but are not as careful as I have been in preventing viruses. Many lack virus protection at all. So after a spate of problems, I decided to isolate my notebook from the network by placing a netgear 54 g router in my office and plugging into that.

This has been working well. I am able to access the internet and send and receive email. Now, though, the office has installed a color copier/scanner/printer on the main network. I would like to be able to acces this equipment, but don't know how. It is physically above my router and below the cisco router the office has in place for it's T-1 line.

I know the names of all the networks, but have been unable to come up with the correct combination of "//" and "http://" to access this equipment with my XP Home notebook.

I am anticipating I need to establish a path, but am not sure really how to do this.

thanx in advance! Licensed in the state of MI
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If the printer is on the network it will have an IP address. You can install a printer by using the TCP/IP port option when Installing a new printer.
Thanx for the reply. The software cd I was given does not allow me to do this, I think. I will try and get the ip from another computer on the same level and see if I can ping it from mine. Do I have to use the port through (default on this netgear) to go look for the ip of the printer?

Are the printers attached to a print server such as a NT, 2000, XP server?

Or, do the printers have a complete Network Interface Card so that they can function as a 100% independent device?

What kind of a printer are you trying to attach to? Not all printers are fully network ready.

What kind of a Cisco router is in the network?

The Cisco router likely has minimal firewall in it, an ACL, access control list. Depending on how it was configured, it may only allow limited external traffic.

If the printer is broadcast on the network, generally all you would have to do is the following:

Click start
add new printer
Select Network printer
Select brouse.

If the printer is not behind a firewall, if the ports and IP address are allowed to be broadcast, the printer or the server will show up. Once you have selected the printer, then and only then, may the drivers be necessary. The drivers are not always necessary. A server can be setup so that drivers are only on the server and don't need to be installed on the remote device.

If you can't see the printer or server by browsing, likely, the router or a firewall is blocking traffic securing these resources.

knowing the IP address is irrevelant. If the resource is filtered you will not get access to it.

If you have a constant IP address, your Cisco administrator can configure the Access Control List to communicate with your remote device.

If you can print without the Netgear router, you need to enable RIP protocol so that the two routers can communicate with each other and build a routing table. Or, you need to make a routing table manually.
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The printer does not have an IP addres if it is a shared printer. It sounds like it is connected to a PC's LPT port and thus would not have an IP address. You need to use the UNC path for the printer \\computername\printername
to map it to a local port. It will only have an IP address if it is connected to a print server or has an internal print server.
Thanx again for all the info.

The copier/scanner/printer has it's own NIC, therefore it must have an ip.

Because I have placed a router between my pc and the office network, I cannot see or connect to any other pc or print server on the office network.

In most cases a router isolates one network from the internet(wan).

In this case, I'm using a router to isolate my pc(lan) from the office network (lan) which has another router connecting to the internet(wan). Does anyone else do this?

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You will have to forward the required ports to allow access. Can you check and see how specifically other computers connect to this printer? What protocols are in use in the other machines? Do the other computers have TCP/IP only, and how are they connecting to the printer?
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