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How to get the window product key from OEM

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I have Dell Inspiron 1564 and it comes with window 7 home Premium installed on it, latter I installed window 10(pirated version) on it. Initially it works well, I d id not noticed any kind of issue. But after some time, laptops fan making unnecessary rotations and making noise, and heating. I do not use any kind of heavy software on it. I browse the internet on Chrome and sometime on Mozila Firefox. But the laptop behave like i'm running very intense software on it. Even, when it is in ideal condition it's fan start with very high speed making the nose like hairdryer.
As it comes with OEM drive , I have installed window 7 Home Premium again to get the product key so that i can reinstall window 10 with product key. But when i checked OEM drive it completely empty.
I have tried "wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey" commend to get the key but did not get the keys. I posting the supporting images, help me out.

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Hi, and welcome to TSG.

The product key should be on the holographic Windows 7 Certificate Of Authenticity sticker attached to the outside of the computer. On laptops, this sticker may sometimes be inside the battery compartment. I have attached a photo of such a sticker used by Dell with part of the product key blanked out.


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My laptop is old I do have this sticker on the bettery side of the laptop. But as it is old and nothing is visible instead of " Window 7 HOme Prem OA". My sticker is same as yours. Now what can I do.
Are you able to get the keys with "wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey"
this commend ? Also the OEM drive of your laptop is 100% free or not?
You can check OEM drive by following steps.
click on start and the type " management" and choose computer management and on the left hand side click on Disk Management.
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have a look on this. I only do have service tag number and express service code.
What should i do now?
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I have installed window 7 Home Premium again to get the product key
By "installed" do you mean you actually did an install? If so, you get the Product Key from the COA sticker (that you said you can no longer read) or from the purchased Windows 7.

If by "installed" you actually mean that you "recovered to factory defaults" using a set of Recovery DVDs or CDs or a USB flash drive you can retrieve the Product Key used by the manufacturer.

If by "installed" you actually mean that you re-imaged from a system image backup you can retrieve whatever Product Key was in the system at that time (EDIT: "that time" meaning the time of the backup).

For the latter two cases Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder should do the retrieval.
Dell products have Windows installed in the factory. What is your Service Tag?

As to Windows 10 being 'pirated'... You still would be able to install Windows 10 without issue because you have a license with the machine. If you got Windows 10 from an unreliable source (i.e. not Microsoft) then you may have more added than just Windows 10.

FYI Dell does have issues with the fan and Windows 10 and usually there is an update to help it.
Bellarc advisor will usually show your product key , it will also show if you are up-to-date on your windows updates and antivirus.
Depending on how Windows 7 was installed again, it may not show any info.
Please run the MGA Diagnostic Tool and post back the report it creates:
  • Download MGADiag to your desktop.
  • Double-click on MGADiag.exe to launch the program
  • Click "Continue"
  • Ensure that the "Windows" tab is selected (it should be by default).
  • Click the "Copy" button to copy the MGA Diagnostic Report to the Windows clipboard.
  • Paste the MGA Diagnostic Report back here in your next reply.
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