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How to fix glitching app?

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Hello! I wanted to ask, as an IT person, how would you fix a glitching application if you were the one who made the app? Thanks!
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Put in displays - e.g. Line 1492 ... Line 1493 ... Line 1494 etc., close to the problem area in your code to isolate where the bug is
... and of course, research any messages you're getting;)
what language? Add error checking into your routines and get them to log out eg.

}catch(exception e){

function functoinName()
on error goto errHandle

exit function
logMessage( cstr(err.num) + "- " + err.description + " - at functionName ")
exit function
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I failed to mention the help you can get by using the various inspector tools offered by browsers - e.g. Chrome has the F12 key function, which takes you into page structure analysis - the 'inspect' option on right-click of page element, Firefox has Ctrl/Shift/i, etc.,;)
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