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How to download software??

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So I tried to download Kali Linux, VirtualBox, and Fedora and the setup wizard thing didn't appear. It just opened the contents of the file but not actually running the programs. My computer is 64 bit running windows 10. In the past, I easily downloade
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d other things but now its not working..
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Windows doesn't "understand" the RPM file format natively. Have a read here to see how you can extract the files. Ideally, you should be looking for ISO files.
ISOs are in the left column. You'll have to "burn" to a USB stick after you make it bootable or burn to a CD/DVD.

Fedora Workstation

Fedora Server
We do not help with people asking for help for Kali Linux, it is a hacking tool used to attack other people.
I need to download it for my engineering class and programming club.
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