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How to display lookup results so they can be copied&pasted

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I created a spreadsheet that has four columns.

The spreadsheet is being used to cross competitors part numbers over to my companies part numbers.

The first two columns show about 3000 items that I have already made the cross reference on.

Column "C" will be where I enter a new request to "Cross" and in column four (D) I have a formula which will search column Column "A for this part number.

When the Formula in column D finds a match in column "A" then the results already crossed to it in column "B" will be displayed in Column "D".

The formula works perfectly. Here is the formula that I used in column "D" "=VLOOKUP( D2, A:B, 2, FALSE )

My problem is when I go to copy the results that show up in Column "D" those copied results show up where I am pasting the results "AS A FORMULA? and not a value. Right now, I have to manually copy the results (in column "D") and manually paste it "AS A VALUE" where I need it. I'd like to autmate this so I can just copy and paste the result now found in column "D"

Can someone help me solve this so that when I see (get) results in Column "D" , have a new cell show up as a Ready to copy value and not a formula.

Any help or suggestions on this will be appreciated.

Sample file uploaded.

Some (Stumped) Guy In NJ
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