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How to change a friends email address in hotmail.

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When I go into contacts in hotmail (or Outlook as its now known) - you see the sign edit, and when you scroll down to your friends old address, you click on the box, and the edit sign disappears. I managed to get the old and new address against my friends name, but it wont let me delete the old address. Why do they make a simple job so hard?
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That doesn't help me though lol
Try using a different browser as it may be the browser that's causing the issue.
Oh, I see what you mean. Outlook can show contacts from other services as well and those contacts cannot be directly edited. Looks like it brought over mine from my phone which is linked to Facebook and it won't let me remove or edit those; I guess you need to edit those at the source. It does allow you to create a contact from those entries though and add new info.
I tried Firefox, Google Chrome & IE - none of them solved the problem.
I have two addresses, one in Microsoft Outlook and the other in - I was able to change the addresses in MO Ok, but it didn't automatically change the address in Surely I don't have to delete (if I knew how, in this program) everytime I want to change an address and open up a new one? So if MO is the source, why won't it automatically change in Hotmail?
When you say you have two addresses, do you mean two different email addresses or the same one but just viewed in two different programs? Depending how the accounts are linked you may indeed need to change it in both locations.
I have two different email addresses (I don't want to change THEM - I want to change my contact in Hotmail addresses to a new email address - it has already been changed in MO, and I thought it would do the same in Hotmail, but apparently not. But I cannot edit the persons address in Hotmail, nor can I even delete it.
If they are two different addresses then they have two separate address lists; you need to change it in both.
I know. That is what I am trying to do!!! I've changed it in Microsoft Outlook but cannot find how to edit when I go into on line.
Is the contact from Facebook, Skype, or something like that? If so that info might be pulled from there. Or if you use that same email account on a phone.
No, the contact is in Microsoft Outlook, where I've been able to change it and also in hotmail where there is no editing. I don't have any addresses on the phone.

I have the same addresses in both email programs, but if you alter one, it doesn't automatically alter it on the second program.
Surely there must be an answer?
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