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How to access cpanel email from mail app?

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Hello there.

I have created a email with domain (eg: [email protected]).
To access emails, everytime i have to login to cpanel and then webmail. That's a long process.

How do I configure so that i get emails right to my mobile mail app or pc ??

Thanks in advance.
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You should first check your hosting company's support pages to see if they offer specific information on how to configure an email client to access your email server.

Here are some typical settings you might find being used.

IMAP server:, port 143
POP3 server:, port 110
SMTP server:, port 25 or 2525
Username: [email protected]
Password: your password

These ports may work for secure SSL connections.
IMAP/SSL port: 993
POP3/SSL port: 995
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Or if you prefer to view your emails via the browser, you can bookmark the final page of the process and go there directly ...
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