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How good is your computer?

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Okay I don't know if anyone has done this before, but everyone can post their computer's stats in this thread, argue over who's is the best... :p

I'll start, and there's no competition with this one:

Pentium II 333 Mhz - Only the fastest - In 1996
384 MB RAM - Actually, I guess this is pretty good lol
10 GB Hard Drive - The biggest, the baddest, and the best
5 MB Video Card - Perfect for playing 3 high res games at once - from the 80's

As you can see, it's gonna be pretty hard to beat that :p
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Mine is OK, it does what I need it to. I don't want to argue.
lol I dont think anyone does just a joke

my 'new' box:

Dell optiplex GX1
p2 450 mhz
448 mb ram (forgot the brands :D )
40 gig hd Maxtor
20 gig hd Maxtor
6 gig hd seagate(?)( used in a removable housing)
4mb onboard video( ouch! )
onboard sound
nice 52x32x32 CDRW MicroAdvantage
and stuff
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I got a better idea:

Why not start a poll for CPU speeds? CPU's are a good judge of computer age and efficiency and I am actually curious to see what the median processing speed is amongst members. I propse the following categories:

  • 100 mhz to 400 mhz
  • 400 mhz to 1,000 mhz (1 Ghz)
  • 1,000 mhz to 2,000 mhz
  • 2,000 mhz to 3,000 mhz
  • 3,000 mhz +

BTW mine is a 1,100 mhz
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Zilog Z80
1 K video memory
OS Basic1

[email protected]
Jim, I think this is more of a thread of 'how pathetic is your computer' :D

My beloved Magitronic just went to that 'pile' in the sky :(

I guess socket 7 really is dead
It was a Gigabyte Ga5AA motherboard
K6 500/2- AMD chip
512 mb ram
cheapo sound card
64 mb video
40 and 20 gig hd's

and stuff

It worked well as a surfin box and general duty
sadly the motherboard went bad :(
cheaper to start over with a $20 box from a Lexis Nexis auction
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Jim, I think this is more of a thread of 'how pathetic is your computer'
LOL! In that case I can haul my old box out of retirement. It's a Pentium 166 mhz. A 1996 model. It's a socket 5. It has a Quamtum Bigfoot 2.2 GB 5.25" HDD and was upgraded to 64 MB RAM When I got it. I now have the RAM maxed out at 128 MB and have added a 4.1 GB slave drive. One day when I'm bored I'll see if I can turn it into a router.

Current tower:

1,100 mhz Duron
768 MB RAM
8 MB ATI graphics card soo to be upgraded to Radeon 9200 128 MB
40 + 20 = 60 GB HDDs
52x CD-ROM
40x12x48 CD-RW
PSU upped to 400W
USB 2 PCI card added
VPR Matrix
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor at 2.80GHz
533 MHz front side bus
512K processor cache
1.0GB DDR memory
Intel RAID-ready motherboard
100GB hard drive capacity, added another 100GB HD , now 200GB of HD capacity
7200 RPM ATA/100 server grade hard drive
DVD-RW/CD-RW Combo Drive
16x DVD-ROM; 48x CD-ROM
3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive
zip drive
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Ill post mine I guess

Intel Celeron 2.7Ghz
40 Gig hardrive
Intel Excelerated Graphics
Hp Pavilion a305w-b
WinXp Sp 1
Here's another computer I have:
Intel Pentium I 233 Mhz
3 GB Hard DRive
I'm not quite sure if it even has a video card, but my super CPU doesn't need one to handle Halo :)
I am into Games
and love to play them
ever since Pong came out many years ago, I have been playing since

Only the best of course :):

Intel Pentium II 450 Mhz
128 MB RAM <--- Should really sort this out!
64MB ATI Graphics Card
#1 (Desktop PC)
450mhz AMD Duron (I think it's a Duron)
~190mb RAM (upgraded from 64mb).
10gb HD & 30gb HD
Some sort of integrated graphics, like 4mb-8mb
Just a normal CD drive
XP Home (upgraded from 98)

#2 (Desktop PC)
Pentium 4, 1.5ghz
1.25gb RAM
Seagate 40gb 7200 RPM HD & Seagate 160gb 7200 RPM HD
Radeon 9200 128mb DDR
CD-RW & DVD drives
XP Home

#3 (Laptop)
Pentium 4, 2.0ghz
512mb RAM
40gb HD
32mb Radeon 7500
CD-RW/DVD combo drive
XP Home
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Mine is good for me...

256 Ram (Upgrading to 512 soon)
60 GB hard drive
64 MB GeForce 4 MX420
DVD Drive
CD-R/RW Drive
XP Home
Harmon Kardon Speakers w/ Sub :D :up:
sleekluxury said:
Mine is good for me...

256 Ram (Upgrading to 512 soon)
60 GB hard drive
64 MB GeForce 4 MX420
DVD Drive
CD-R/RW Drive
XP Home
Harmon Kardon Speakers w/ Sub :D :up:
Looks like a good system Sleek :up: are you a gamer?

It's alot nicer having a nice speaker set up. I have a nice set of Altec Lansings and a Subwoofer, nice for games or movies or?

Wow Cyberalien
Alot of PCs
throughout the house?

I am on "#2" right now. It's the one I commonly use, and is my desktop computer.

"#1" is in another room, and is used by friends/family/etc whenever they come over.

"#3" of course being a laptop, is wherever I need it to be when I need it.

All are networked together throughout the house for internet access/file sharing/printing.

I also have my brother's computer here for some reason, but it's not exactly being used or anything. It's like an AMD 2000, 120gb HD, 512mb RAM, 128mb graphics, etc.
izme said:
Looks like a good system Sleek :up: are you a gamer?
Not much of a gamer on my PC. I play some Black Hawk Down, Tactical Assault, things like that. Need for Speed Underground & Midnight Club 2 mainly, racing and shooting are my favorite types of games :D. 64 GeForce 4 MX420 is good, but not as good as i some of what other have, hopefully i might even get a new graphics card when i buy the 512 stick of ram. :D :up:
I just got rid of my 64 GeForce 4 MX420
and replaced it with a ATI RADEON 9600PRO 128

;) :up:

Wow Cyberalien
A friend of mine has 2 laptops 4 PCs all through his house. It's like being in a Cyber cafe :D
That's what i was thinking of getting, a 128 ATI RADEON 9600 PRO!!! :D
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