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How far can you walk?

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70 so far... cool time-wasting game. :D
That was FUN :up: :D

But I wanna' try it drunk! :eek:


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42 meter thus far, but I am learnin
I only made 53 meters BTW how I do take a screen shot?
58 so far...but my mouse here sucks :mad:
Toddles18 said:
Yes but you have years of practice :p

I got 51 meters.........
AKA Arizona said:
I only made 53 meters BTW how I do take a screen shot?
Hold down the "alt" key and hit the "print screen" key.
Then open up a graphic program (like mspaint) and click "Edit" then "Paste"

At this point you can save the shot as a JPEG file.

picture shows it all :p


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better score this time :)


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lol, this game is hilarious.

Ahh, those Germans.

I sooo shouldn't be playing this at work *frantically tries to correct drunken S.O.B*
I can't put my finger on it but it all seemed rather familiar to me :confused:


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Now that's impressive....
However completely unrealistic. You would have never made it 2.8 miles without getting your arse jumped and you shoes taken for good measure. :eek:
There's just something about being drunk and walking down the street that says "Please harass me, I don't have enough troubles"
You've obviously never done it with a messy and lethal looking kebab in your hands, singing Tom Jones' Delilah in 'any key' flat major. If you're lucky you pick up a couple of backing singers as you go ;) You're so unharrassed there's even some time for a spot of window shopping for those late season bargains :D
I'm just Tits, my old friend.
About to run out to the grocery store and pick up some corned beef for Reuben sandwiches this evening. You must be up quite late.
It's only 11.45pm here. Plenty of time yet :)
What else goes in a Reuben sandwich then, or is it just a posh name for a corned beef sandwich? Either way, put some pickle on one and e-mail me it :D
I got 5,680 miles....but subsequently my print screen key and paint utility is not working properly all of a sudden......... :D
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