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How do u Delete W98SE Opening "Fanfare"?

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I heard that it can only be removed by 2 methods: (A) Registry tweak(s) ; (B) Adding lines to win.ini & auto.exec.
Hope its not the Registery! Easy to screw up as it is, that's why I am verrrry doubtful about running things that mess around with settings--such as RegClean & AdAware--even if they do make partial backups of the Registry....
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I assume you want to eliminate the W98 splash screen at startup. Is that what you mean by "Opening Fanfare"?

If not, let us know what you mean by that.

If so, you need to edit the msdos.sys file manually or load Microsofts Tweakui which will do it for you.

To edit msdos.sys manually do this,

Start>Settings>FolderOptions>View. Be sure "Show All Files" is selected. If not, select it and click on Apply.

Then click on Start>Find>Files, key in msdos.sys and press enter. You should only find one copy and it should be located at C:\

Right click on it and select Properties. Remove the checkmark next to "ReadOnly" and click on Apply.

Now right click on Msdos.sys file again and select OpenWith. Scroll down and use Notepad to open the file.

Now under the "Options" section add the following line or change it if it already exists.


Once it's added, click on File>Save.

Go back and mark msdos.sys as a ReadOnly file and your done.
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I was referring to the Music 98SE plays as the screen comes up.
Who told you you need to edit the registry or edit those files to eliminate the startup sounds?

Click on Start>Settings>ControlPanel>Sounds. Scroll down and single left click on "Start Windows" to highlight it. Then in the "Name" box select "None" and click on Apply.

You can do the same for other "Events" listed there to eliminate any other Windows sounds, too.
Go to start>settings>control panel>sounds>scroll down to open windows and click on it>then go to the window box below it and select none.
Sorry Bryan.

PS- I guess you wont be posting a pic either? :)
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