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How Do I Secure My Wireless Network?

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I am looking to secure my wireless network. I have a Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router. What are the necessary steps needed to perform this procedure?

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Tell us the exact make/model of the router as well as the make/model of the wireless machines and what version and patch level of Windows they use.

Generally, it will involve accessing the router's web based setup and configuring encryption keys in the wireless section. Then you'll have to connect and supply the same wireless keys for each wireless workstation.
From the modem I have a Linksys 8 Port Workgroup Switch (Model # EZXS88W) from there I have it connected via Cat 5e ethernet to a Linksys Wireless G Router (Model # WRT54G).

I'm not sure what "Patch Level" means. The laptop is Dell Latitude D610, and it runs on the Windows XP Operating Network.

Just curious, why do you have a switch in front of the router? Do you have multiple public IP addresses and a server connected to the switch? Is that "modem" really a router?

For all the options to secure the network, here's a tutorial:

Note that I DON'T recommend some of the stuff they tell you to do. Specifically, I would just use WPA encryption with a strong random key (20 char or more) and forget about SSID hiding and MAC filtering.
I have the switch because I need the extra ports. The router is on the 2nd floor for wireless (I live in an old house with thick plaster walls), and the signal is not the best so I put it upstairs where we would use it. Thanks for the link. I will check it out a report back.


Unless you have multiple public IP address (very rare for residential accounts), you will not have success with that lashup.

What's the EXACT make/model of that "modem", is it really a modem/router?
Its an RCA Digital Broadband Modem by Thomposon. The model # is DHG536. It serves as my Comcast Digital Voice and Internet Modem.
I really doubt you have multiple public IP addresses unless you're specifically paying Comcast extra for them. You need to have the router connected directly to the modem, and the switch on one of the LAN ports of the modem for it to work.
You mean modem to wireless router and then from a port of the wireless router you can have it going to my switch?

Which WPA is the best? I have two options:

WPA Radius
WPA Pre Shared Key

Also do I want TKIP or AES
Well, you can't use Radius without a Radius Server, so you'll be using PSK. Use AES if all your equipment supports it, TKIP is fine as well.
How do I find my radius server address? Also what is PSK?

You don't have a Radius server, unless you're on a corporate network where they have set one up. :)

PSK - Pre-Shared Key
Sounds good John. How do I configure my laptops with the wireless router?
First, you configure the wireless router. Then you search for wireless networks, and tell it to connect to your network. You'll be prompted for an encryption key, type in the one you assigned when you configured the router wireless encryption.
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