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How Do I restore my speech recognition program in MS Word 2003 Menu -Tools -speech

It has worked well for years -I had it 90% -95% right
now It says
it fails to initialise when i click -training in The Thin Blue "speech bar"

also that a speech reccognition is in use and some how I have to shut it down

clicking "speech properties " it says "the selectd profile could not be used please select a different profile or create a new one and/or check your audio devises"

also Audio seems to have gone wrong wrong -as it says -Could not initalise volume meter. Please select a different audio input device,

But if you do /try out any of those things in "options " it then says --The requested task could not be carried out because the nessassary , engine could not be created . Please select a diff engine and /or a diff audio device

how does one select a diff engine it only has one option in the tab
and my current user personal profile wont change either from My name (which is ticked ) to default speech profile

I feel I am too far down the line in time to do a system restore as I have set up a number of things it would change (I think) (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing huh ?) as I left it a while now hoping it would come right
how ever if it has to be done I will do it

can any one help as it takes hours to type --even this --one finger and i deplore it

I have even installed office XP but it doesnt correct it either (just mucks up my network so I uninstalled it )

Does it (The speech reccognition) --come /initallise / work ---from Windows
I have windows XP HOME

Ps the mic. works well on power point so its hearing me there
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