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how do i reformat my hard drive?

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opk i need to reformat my hard drive so i can install win 98.. i have xp right now but longf story short it wont work and i cant fix it with a win xp disk which i dont have... so i need to install windows 98 which i have the boot up disk for and the install disk..
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Here we go:

make sure that the disk has a copy of on it
if not, search on your computer and there is a copy on it in one of the windows folders

boot up with the disk inside the computer

select start computer with cd-rom support

select the a: when the command promt is on the screen

type: format c:

continue through the promts and it will format your hard drive

when that is done

put in the win 98 cd or disk into the drive

restart the computer

select start win98 setup

and that should get you done!!

let me know how it goes

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If the drive is formatted NTFS already because Windows XP is on there, you will need to run FDISK first and delete the partition and recreate a new one.
Fdisk may or may not work with ntfs. If an ntfs logical drive is inside an extended partition of the disk, fdisk cannot remove it. Fdisk can remove primary ntfs partitions just not logical ones. If you really want to go back to win9x, [and fdisk does not work for you] you will need to download and run the hd mgf's utility. From here you can write zeros to the drive; this will completely remove ntfs along with any information on the disk.
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