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How do I find Office 2013 Product Key?

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I have several Office 2013 5 user licenses loaded on Pc’s at the office and thought I was doing OK until the licenses started expiring and we could not pay the new license fee due to Microsoft processes.

I need to retrieve the product keys from each computer to match with the original cards I have. I stupidly downloaded all and did not document in detail each computer and the date installed so I could pay up at the end of the year. I anticipated an email or some indicator from Microsoft. (Foolish to think that MS would be functional).

I have tried Belarc, Keyfinder, Source Forge, Magic Jelly bean, and the program MJB transfers me to. All to no avail. All computers are Windows 7 and Office 2013

My IT guy wants to install single user licenses on all computers at the exorbitant cost of MS license.

I have tried to talk about corporate licensing but that is so complex and designed for thousands of computers for big companies. The local IT guys for small business cannot or don’t do that. We are only 14 desks.

Any ideas on retrieving the product keys will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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i managed to find this have a look at it, granted it will only show you the last five digits of the installed key but it should be a start
I have used
Belarc, Keyfinder, and Magic Jelly bean
what happens ?
Magic Jelly bean usually finds the W7 & Office keys
No problem getting the product code for the operating system, but zero success with the Office 2013. They also gave me the codes for Photoshop and a couple of other programs I had.
This says it finds the Office 2013 key but I read a post that said it doesn't
might be worth a try.

If you try it, please post if it worked or not.

Here's another free one that finds Office 2013 key but not Office 365.

Here is a $10 that is supposed to work
ok, let's try this, i'm gonna go ahead and setup a VM with windows 7 i'm assuming it's professional yeah?
also what version of office are you using? how about the architecture of windows (32 or 64 bit)? i want to see if i can try to replicate this and possibly find a fix for it
A purchased copy of Office 2013 doesn't expire. Office 365 does. The key that shows on the computer will also not be the one on the product key on the card, you can use the website to see the real key if you choose the option to do a different install it will let you view the key. With Office 2013 the installs are linked to an email account, if you created an account for each install then it will be available here:
I think you need to fix your link Rob unless you did that on purpose. :)
Found this. Seems to give the last 5 characters. Have to call Microsoft if more is needed.
Check out this link.

Microsoft has a very poor system of registration that subverts real license management.
I have the original product cards and trying to get them documented and updated is a complete hassle.
I am thinking seriously f jumping to the GNU Open Source versions. I pine for the purchased version of Office.
I agree the new system is dumb with the two keys, but if you log into the Microsoft account the Office installations were linked too you can match the keys.
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