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How do I enable DMA transfer

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How do I enable DMA transfer on my hard drive??
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Start>Settings>Control Panel>System and click on Device Manager Tab. Scroll down to Disk Drives, expand the line by clicking on the + and then highlight the drive by single clicking on it. Select the Properties button, and the Settings Tab. Put a check in the box for DMA. Reboot.
Well, I tried that, but when it reboots, the box is unchecked.
In device manager it calls it a generick disc drive. Does that mean the drivers aren't installed?I went to the Segate website, but I couldn't find any drivers. The hard drive is a Segate ST38410A. Any ideas??
According to seagate generic disk drive is normal.
That drive is ata66, are you running it at ata66 or ata33???
Depends on your motherboard or do you have it connected to a controller card. Also to use it as ata66 you would need to have the ata66 cable, rather than the standard ide cable

Seagate has a utility to set the udma mode of their driver here

If you use it be carefull, could make your data useless if used wrong.
I have an Abit KT7A-RAID and the same problem needed a driver update if I recall correctly.
Do I need a special Ultra ATA/66 device driver?

Not necessarily. Because the operating system (Windows 95/98) handles Ultra ATA and Ultra ATA/66 the same as DMA, there should be no special device drivers. However, as with Ultra ATA, not all system boards and BIOSs will correctly interface with the operating system. In these cases, a special device driver or patch will have to be provided by the system board manufacturer to make the system capable of attaining Ultra ATA/66.
So ,sorry to sound dumb, but does this mean I should look for an updated driver for the main board?? It's a soltek SL-67B. The drives are connected directly to the board
Also, it's got a regular IDE cable. Black connectors on both sides. According to segate, they need an ata66 activation utility, but witth the regular cable, this will not workk will it?
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