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how do I add a printer?

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I have Win98.
I just did a format and recovery.
I want to reinstall the printer that was there before the
I went to: control panel, printers, add printer.
Then selected my make and model.
When I click o.k. I am told that there is an error and that it can not copy the files. It tells me to insert the Windows 98 disk CD-ROM. The only problem is that windows came with the computer and I was never given a disk for it. What do I do?
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Hi ddimanno, Welcome to TSG !!
Do you have the CD that came with the printer?
Go to the web site of the printer manufacturer. Download the driver for your printer.
Open the file and if it is zipped unzip it to a file that you can find easy.
Go to add printer, when prompted select show a list of printers. Clicvk on have disk, browse to where you have the new driver that was downloaded, select it hit ok that should install your printer.
I went to the website to download the driver for my model of printer and I was told that the driver already exists in all computers with Windows 95+. So I tried again, and I got a message stating that FINSTALL.DLL on Windows 98 cannot be found. What does that mean?
Evedently that is gone go here and get it
What disk did you use to reinstall the operating system on your computer? You just said you did a format and recovery. Stick that disk in, and locate the file needed.
I tried using the recovery disk but nothing happened. It's telling me that I need the Windows 98 CD-ROM
did you try downloading the file from the link that TW56 provided?

Yes I did download the file that TW56 told me to download, but it didn't work.
You have to do more than just stick the disk in the drive. I'm sure there's a directory on that disk that has CAB files for the operating system. Is there a Browse button on the dialog box that asks for the Windows 98 CD? How about if you click OK? Then do you see the button?
Yes there is a browse button. But what should I be looking for. I already took TW56's advice and downloaded the FINSTALL.DLL file from the web site he sent me and that helped a bit but now the computer tells me that it cannot find UNIDRV.DLL file.
I borrowed a copy of windows 98 from a friend and tried putting it in and seeing what happens but when I press ok the computer doesn't even read the CD
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