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How can I stop my flash drive from automatically opening Windows Explorer?

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I have three USB flash drives. One, and only one, of these is automatically opening Windows Explorer every time I plug it in to a Windows XP computer. I find this frustrating, especially since I have set the properties of the drive to "take no action."

I read this thread....

...but I don't think that's the issue here since there's no autorun.inf file visible on the drive.

Any ideas on how I can prevent this drive from automatically opening Windows Explorer when I plug it in?


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<blush> Should have mentioned that I'm already viewing hidden files and folders. I also have Folder Options set to show protected operating system files.

By the way, this only seems to happen on Windows XP. I've used the drive on one W2K computer and two WinXP's and it only happens on the XP machines.
guitar said:
if you don't need files on there
[or move them first]
you could right click the drive and format it and see if that works let me know how it goes
Good idea. I formatted the drive, took it out, plugged it in again - and Explorer still opened a few seconds later. So I guess that definitely rules out any kind of malware, or at least, it would have to be pretty sophisticated to survive a reformat (I would think).

Thanks for your quick replies - this is a great forum!
Just to make sure, you've done this for all types--pictures, music, mixed content, etc.?
Yep - did it for everything listed. Still no change. I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm whether or not there might be security issues involved. If the drive isn't infected, I guess I can live with this undesired behavior.
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