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My internet sucks. Not necessarily the speed; the box says it should be 5MB a second (although the fastest download I've ever seen it cap at is 300 kb/s) but regardless it still works quite nicely for gaming.

I'm on a wireless adapter connecting to the router in my basement. If I could, I'd bring my router upstairs but theres no phone jack up here and I don't wanna mess my modem up and all that so I'm gonna leave that alone. Basically, wireless is my only option.

Last night I was trying to host a hamachi server to play minecraft with some friends. I got it working, but my friends were lagging extremely bad. If its hosted by another friend, we play really good. That just pissed me off, because all my life I've had so many connection problems.

1. I can't connect to most people in game lobbies. For instance, in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2, I've never been able to invite friends to my lobby and Its rare that I find someone that I CAN connect to. I can never play zombies with friends, I usually have to have some random polish guy host a game for us so we can play together. I just want hamachi to work for games like Borderlands and Minecraft and Warcraft 3 and other games that support lan.

2. In games, I see dedicated servers, but only a few hundred, when I SHOULD be getting a few thousand servers showing up.

Now, I know that one thing I should do is forward some ports. The thing is, I don't have a static IP, and when I make one, my internet constantly disconnects randomly, plus it usually never works either.

I don't have a software firewall enabled because I figured that since I have a router and an anti-virus, I have decent enough protection anyway.

I do, however, have peerblock up and running. The thing is, if I'm trying to host a hamachi or minecraft server and it doesn't work, I'll try disabling peerblock and still nothing works.

Are there any suggestions as to how I can make my internet just allow more things in general? Or some type of software that allows programs through my router or whatever I need to do? I don't know much about networking, but if you can give me a simple enough tutorial I'm sure I can figure something out. I've been messing with computers all my life. Thanks in advance.
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