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How can I format C: Drive, removing XP

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I've got a machine running XP. I want to know how I can format my C drive, to clear everything; allowing me to have a fresh start so I can install a linux OS.

I have a Linux OS (Fedora) on CD, which I assume I can just insert and install once I have formatted by HD.

However I can't seem to format the drive. I've tried making a boot disk, which I thought I could then format using. I copied boot.ini ntdetetc and ntldr. And I have obviously tried format from within windows.

Nothing works. As I'm not bothered about keeping my existing XP OS, I thought this would be a simple procedure, where I could allow myself to be a bull in a china shop, but it's proving much harder than I had anticipated.

Any suggestions and help, would be appreciated.





Used Linux CD as boot CD-Rom. Thought of this, after having this problem ongoing for almost a year. :D
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Chances are the Linux installation will format for you, as well as recommend partition sizes and create them for you.

But if you want to get a head-start, boot from a 98 floppy, run fdisk to remove all partitions, and create new ones, format (FAT32) from the floppy, and you will at least have removed everything. But if you just remove the partitions, that may be enough and Linux will partition and format for you.

98 boot disk--->
Elvandil is correct. The Linux distribution will allow you to remove and existing partitions and format the drives.
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