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How can I find online file storing company?

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Please I am posting this forum here, I don’t know if I am at the right place as I have searched for the category and thought this one could be the right one, please if I am wrong please redirect me.

Please help me out on this issue, I have a website built with WordPress, this website has downloadable video files compressed with WinRAR and the files weight is 17.5 GB which means the entire website scale about 17.7 GB. Now I need to host the website but the hosting company that I found (ipage) is giving me $19.99 per month for VPS hosting package of 40GB Storage and Bandwidth 1TB with 1GB RAM, this price is too high for me when I needed something like $3 per month or less with about 20GB Storage, please any assistance on a better hosting information package somewhere, I will really applicate your help.

Another solution that I am thinking about but I don’t have much knowledge about it is the following; I believe that there would be an online company that specializes on storing online downloadable files being audio or video etc., of which the download link will be given to the owner of the file to place to his website, if there is one please kindly direct me to and how does it work? These files are purchasable files that the client will have to pay before download.

In case there is a possibility of online files storing company; If storing the file with file storing company away from my own website and just placing the link in my site for download when purchased, is there any risk that someone may type in the download link from distance and download the file, 2nd can these files be protected that it will not be exposed to open download by search engine, I will really applicate your help, may God almighty bless you all.
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If you make a script in PHP that creates a temporary link, and then destroys a temporary file once the link is used, that would solve the problem of unauthorized downloads.
Thanks for the reply but please these is what I had done earlier in my wordpress website I used a plugin called easy-download, this plugin has every possible options for the download process, it has an option to add the download file from wordpress media folder, it has an option to configure the download in the sense that the file can be downloaded once or twice depending on the setting that you use and it has an option to add the download link using Url which means the files might be from another website, my question is with this plugin installed which handles the download as e-commerce plugin, do I still have create php script to link the download and delet it later for protection? Please thanks in advance.
No Easy Digital Downloads destroys the link in accordance with its settings. That is of course only the link generated by your site. The actual file will still be on the server and not be deleted so anyone who has the file name and the location could still download it.
But with a properly configured .htaccess, you could prevent downloading the original file, assuming the server runs Apache.
Please do you mean that using easy-digital download for the download process is of not a good idea? can you please give me a helping hand on how to configure htaccess file, yes of-course the hosting company that I will use its server (Ipage) supports Apache and my WordPress site runs under MYSQL database. and the post important thing about it all is that I don't have the skill to code php script that will create a temporary link for the download files, please thank you very much for the assistance already given, my God almighty bless you in Jesus name.
No it is a great idea it is just what it is intended for and works well in my experience.
Sorry for late reply,OK thank you colinsp I have adopted easy-download, have tested it and it work fine, once I uploaded the downloadable (video winrar compressed files) and configured easy-download ,it automaticaly created htaccess file inside its folder but I didn't open the htaccess file to see what it contain.
Sorry I have come back again on the same issue, it has not been resolved yet, what I did is that I registered with ipage on share hosting plan, and tried to upload my WordPress built website using FileZilla client , all the files got uploaded successfully but when it came to the folder that contained the( downloadable files of about 17GIG in total otherwise each of the compressed file is about 1.3gig to 2gig) a timeout error message appeared, I refreshed the windows but the same problem, I thought on my own that it could be because the hosting platform that I used doesn't support the file size that I was trying to upload,( and I can't go for higher hosting plan because I don't have the means then I counseled the upload and deleted the uploaded files because it make no sense to be on the server when the downloadable file are not there.

Now please I would want if there could be any recommendation on any online company where that I can store the downloadable files in winrar format and use the link in my website but in this case easy-digital download must be involved for the download process because I used it in my website, that means I will give easy-digital download the link to process the download once a client purchased

I can't make a PHP script (on my own) that creates a temporary link as NegativeKelvin suggested, the reason is that I am not good in PHP coding, secondly easy-digital download is involved in my website as download process manager. ( inside easy-digital download folder it has htaccess file, but I don't know what it contains)

Please any assistance on a better solution will be highly appreciated, I strongly rely on this community that have contributed a lot to me ever since I became a member without considering the fact that I have given no contribution neither in financial support or a solution on a forum, but promise to respond in an appropriate manner soon because nothing goes for nothing, we have to exchange values among us to be able to progress. My God almighty bless everyone one you assisting in making this community comfortable for us.
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Your file sizes appear to be the issue.

I would suggest that you ask the people at EDD if you can supply external links to your files rather than them being uploaded through EDD or stored on your webhost. If the answer to that is yes then have a look at Amazon S3 service You will also need some way for only the EDD supplied links to download the file and to prevent direct download access to your S3 files.

I suspect you are going to places not many people here have gone to.
Thank you colinsp. Yes I think that the edd would accept external storage of files because it has an option ( where to insert external url of downloadable files, but I have to now verify from edd the possibility of securing the files from unauthorized download, I have written to edd asking about this but I haven't got any reply from them, I must have an information from them before proceeding,and after here I will check the amazon link that you gave me, thank you a lot, I will be getting back here regardless of the outcome.
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