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Just ran across this alternative search engine and noticed that this site wasn't listed (so I requested it be added, of course!). Anyway, maybe there are other sites such as this but I think it's neat that you can submit your suggestions (along with your descriptions, keywords, etc) and also review any site that's already listed. Of course, you gain cash for how much you contribute and for referrals but at least it's legit. We used to post these types of things before and I haven't seen any in awhile. In addition to earning money (which I'm sure isn't much!), it is actually a service (as opposed to staring at ads taking up space on your desktop or responding to emails). I thought of several people here that might be interested in contributing so I'm posting the link. So, sign up! The more referrals you get, the more you're 'allowed' to do such as editing/deleting existing links, approving people suggestions, etc.
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