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HotFax MessageCenter 5.0

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I have this error message whenever I want to send a fax by attaching a file I just scanned. Here is the message:

"The file you have selected cannot be faxed from this program. Please fax this file from the application that created it using the HotFax MessageCenter print driver".

It seems HotFax can't make the association with scanned files... but it used to!!! Why? I don't have this problem with other files like Word files.

I want to fax the document directly from HotFax without openning any other application. I never had to open the scanned document before to be able to fax it. I just had to add it with HotFax. But now I have to do so without openning HotFax. When I scan a document, it is placed in a folder called Vstascan\Image and it is automatically called "TIF Image". The format is TIFF. When I was under Windows Me I had no problem. I have XP now. I've also downloaded the latest update patch of the software.

Thank you for your help. (I haven't managed to get an answer on their web site)
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Please help!!!:(
Just wanted to get my message at the beginning...

Any ideas?

Not that good with sanners/faxes, but bumping you up a bit :)

When you scan the document, can you not go to File | Send to | mail Recipitent or say Fax?

That is, instead of saving the scan.

Open the Send Fax window.
Click on Attach, and then on Scan.

Ah, found something on the error:

Generally, you can attach most any document to HotFax and it will send it as a fax. The way it does this is by using the association of that document to an application (i.e. such as MS Word or Excel). If the document attached does not have a valid association, HotFax may refuse to accept it as an attachment. In this case, the solution is to open the document/file in the application which created it and print the file using the HotFax or HotFax MessageCenter fax print driver. In some cases, HotFax may allow you to attach the file but when proceeding to send it, HotFax interprets the file as binary data that cannot be directly converted. If this occurs, HotFax will prompt whether you want it converted via Text. This may create a fax page with garbage which indicates the document needs to be sent from the application that created it as described above. If the file is Text and you choose to convert it this way, then the settings in Setup/Send Fax/Fax Page Layout Tab will take affect
As they're being saved as TIFF's, can you not save as jpg's? if not, try this:

Rightclick on one of the files, and choose Rename. Rename to yourscan.jpg

Does that work?


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The problem started since I installed Windows XP. Before, I had Windows Me and could send a TIFF file with no problem. Now I have to send the fax by printing it in the HotFax print driver. Why???? There is no problem to send a scanned document when it's the JPEG format. TIFF files only, won't be sebt directly.

Am I right in thinking that the image quality is better in a tiff than jpg? If its the same, can you not save as jpg, and send that way.

Just a workaround, as others may have ideas as well.

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