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Personally I favour the graphical interface of windows 2003 server over any command based interface, but still, that's not the case.

For my exam I had to make a bootable cd of linux(ubuntu 6.10) with on it(configured and working):

-horde(with turba, kronolith,...)
-...(whatever I forget)

Anyway, the thing was to create a bootable cd which contained a domain, an "active directory" with different rights to different users, the users could send mail, make appointments, etc...

I succeeded in making all of this, but as I burned my cd with this config of linux our teacher said that when you burn it the horde interface will be screwed up.
He doesn't know why it happens, as there is nothing wrong with the compiling, nor the burning of said configuration.
However, if someone is able to figure out a solution, he get's bonus points.
So, Oli is very interested in finding the solution, and if some of you might be of help, I'd very appreciate it !

here's a screenshot of what Horde looks like on my cd-rom :

If anyone knows how I can solve this, please let me now.
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