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HOMMIV Mouse pointer interfering with game pointer

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When I load HOMMIV, my white mouse pointer is staying next to the hand pointer of the game. I've checked all the mouse settings on my computer, and in the game, but nothing seems to clear the standard white pointer. It's really starting to annoy me, because it interferes with game play. Anyone know how I can get rid of this pesky white pointer?

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HI Honey63

The only thing I could find in the game FAQs regarding a mouse pointer problem was this:

Question: My mouse cursor appears as a black and white box. How can I fix this?

Answer: This apparently is a strange issue. On system configurations either being mouse software related or Operating System you would need to turn on mouse trails to clear the skewed mouse pointer in Heroes IV.

Do the following: (Please do not have Heroes IV active or running.)
While at your desktop. Go to START, Settings, Control Panel, then Mouse.
In the Mouse Properties window.
Select the "Pointer Options" tab
Check mark "Show pointer trails"
Adjust the "Trail length" to short (Move the slider bar to the far left)
Check mark "Hide pointer while typing" (Optional on some systems)
Click the "Apply" button, then the "OK" button.
Then close the Control Panel window, and restart the game.
Even though that is not your specific problem, you might want to try that just for the heck of it, ya never know:)

You can also try (if you haven't done so) installing the patch and update, available HERE
I've changed the settings and I'll see how I go later this evening and let you know if it works. I've run the Game Update and I'm up to date, so that's not the problem. Thanks for your help RT! :D

(RL! ;D)
Sadly it didn't work RT, but thanks for helping! :D
This is (another) long shot -
but would you by any chance be using a Logitech or other wheel mouse and have installed the software that it comes with?
No RT, just a standard Microsoft mouse. If it was a long shot that was going to pay off, I can get a Logitech if you like!! lol

Don't be so difficult:D ,
and speaking of long shots I wouldn't advise either of us to go to the racetrack!;)

DO, however, get you an optical mouse (Logitech, MS, etc) they are <$20.00 and you'll love it! No need to install the software that comes with it, Windows will detect it just fine. (which was sorta what I was getting at above)

No ball to clean or contacts to wear out....very accurate, and you don't even need a mouse pad! Will work on about any surface except a mirror!

If that seems silly, just think Valentine's , Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday...that way it will definitely be <$20! :D

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Hmmmmm ... it sounds suspiciously like the mouse my hubby has at HIS desk, just feet away. Perhaps I should pinch his!! lol Actually he still owes me a birthday present from a few weeks ago, and Valentine's is around the corner, so guess what I'll be asking for!! :D

Thanks again for your help RT, and if I EVER solve this problem, you'll be the first to find out how I did it! ;D

Take care,

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